Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leaving PlayClub with a Pow!

Ryan had his last PlayClub session today. It has been a wonderful year (4 terms), filled with fun and good cheer. I did mention in a previous post that I'm not convinced that PlayClub adds much to Ryan's development but it's all good because he had so much fun and there's no doubt that he received tons of love from the teachers. We definitely have nothing but fond memories of good times.

As usual, we were told to dress up for the class, according to the theme, which was The Great Outdoors. The teachers said that we could choose things from the garden, like a butterfly, a tree, ants, etc. or any animal, but we were uninspired by those choices.

Here's what we came up with.

I made the tunic and the breechcloth/loincloth and Richard made his weapon, the tomahawk. We actually wanted to make the headpiece - we bought the one you see in the pictures with the intention of cannibalising it to make our own (it's supposed to be for a genie, I think). As it turned out, Ryan was all right with this one, so we just rolled with it. We finished off the look with some face paint and he was ready to rumble!

If you're wondering about the tomahawk - isn't it great?! - the handle is a twig that Ryan picked up on one of our walks (more than half a year ago!). The blade is bone. Just kidding - the blade is styrofoam!

The costume was a huge hit, with everyone snapping photos and even teachers from other classes popping in for a look and to take photos. I didn't get many clear shots - most of them are blurry shots of Ryan bouncing about, he was so happy in class. It was so funny because, as he bounced about, his feathers bounced about as well so, with his tomahawk in hand, he really looked like he was doing a rain dance or a war dance.

So, this is goodbye PlayClub! We had a blast, thank you so very much! We love you!
Ryan receiving his graduation certificate and acting the part by showing a fierce scowl.  


Anonymous said...

Was this the once a week playclub ?:)

Pinkie Pirate said...

Yup, once a week Bilingual PlayClub

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