Monday, May 30, 2011

Nice to see you again, Elmo!

Another reason for our awesome weekend - Ryan was reunited with Elmo! After Shichida class yesterday, we headed over to City Square Mall, where there was a Sesame Street roadshow! There was a meet and greet session as well and Ryan got another chance to get up close and personal with his beloved Elmo! We got there just as they were wrapping up the meet and greet session for the previous performance and the staff was so nice, they let us get on stage to take our photo with the monsters, even though we didn't have a meet and greet pass.

Although Ryan was happy to see the Sesame Street characters, he wasn't surprised at all. I guess after spending the whole day with them at Sesame Place in USA, he accepts that they exist, so it's normal to see them walking about in real life.

We decided to stay for the next performance, which was at 4 pm. In the meantime, we wandered down to Basement 2 where there was a Sesame Street colouring contest. We signed up and Ryan was very engrossed in the task but we didn't submit his entry. We decided it was too precious, so it came home with us.

After some wandering around the mall, we were bored and decided to just wait in front of the stage for the show to start. That was about 20 mins before 4 pm and nobody was there. We got a spot right front and centre! The space filled up super quick though, maybe everyone was just waiting for someone to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, while waiting for the show to start, Ryan fell asleep and he slept through the entire routine! He woke up just as the meet and greet was starting again. Anyway, we didn't stay on for much longer, Ryan was quite content to wave bye to Elmo, so we went off.


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