Thursday, June 24, 2010


The past two weeks have been a blur of emails, documents, work meetings and conference calls for me. There were a few occasions on which I was able, gratefully, to come up for air but generally, it has been non-stop action.

The trip to Sentosa (the end of Ryan's Julia Gabriel June holiday programme) was on a Friday morning. I went back to the office in the afternoon and plunged straight into a conference call, followed directly by another conference call that kept me at the office until 8 pm. After dinner, and when we got home, Richard and I went around the house to check everything was in order before Richard's family from KL arrived. Richard's parents were going to be staying with us for the weekend, while Richard's sister and her family would put up with us for one night and spend the next night at Resorts World Sentosa.

The week before that, Richard and I had been slowly, slowly doing the housechores bit by bit when we got home every night. The place was a mess but it's all clean and tidy now.

The next few days were spent with our guests. We went with them to check out Resorts World Sentosa - we'll definitely be back when all the rides at Universal Studios are up and running! Our guests left on Sunday after having a nice Thai dinner at Tawandang (Dempsey) while listening to the live band there.

Monday wouldn't stay away and so it was right back into the fray. Meetings and conference calls nearly every day that week and, in between, I was in a mad rush to draft papers for a deadline on Friday. I barely found time to express milk for Ryan and milk supply dropped. I had to resort to popping Fenugreek pills to keep it up.

I did have a pleasant reprieve on Tuesday evening (15 June). Although the work madness continued, I forced myself to break out and join some ladies for a social dinner at Spruce. I met these mummies through the Singapore Motherhood Forum when I was pregnant with Ryan. I don't visit the forum much anymore - the connections and the friendships have migrated and survived from there, which is pretty amazing.

Well, the weekend rolled around and there was no rest for the weary. I had to cancel my long-awaited facial on Saturday to take in a full-day meeting at the office from 9 to nearly 6 pm.

Sunday was Father's Day and I swore off work. We celebrated the occasion with brunch at Spruce and a quiet dinner at Raffles Hotel's Long Bar Steakhouse.

This week has been largely a repeat of last week. More deadlines, more excessively long meetings and more conference calls. The work hours just whizz by.

I am actually quite happy that I'm busy at work. I wouldn't claim to be a workaholic, I just enjoy being productive and I enjoy my work - the mental workout is a pleasure and it is very satisfying when my labour brings about a good result for the case. If you asked me to let someone else take over the cases that I have been working on, I would say no thanks, I'm very happy! I'm just feeling tired, as I haven't been able to sufficiently rest and recover from the activities over the past few weeks, but this is just a phase - work will slow down soon and then I'll be bored. I'm tired now, but happy.


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