Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to the Singapore Zoo

This morning was the much anticipated trip to the Singapore Zoo.  It has been years since Richard and I were there and it has changed quite a bit since the last time we were there. It was Ryan's first time at the zoo so we were very excited that he could finally see all the animals that we were reading to him about.

We arrived at the Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning at Evans Road just before 9 am and got onto the big bus. The journey to the Zoo passed quickly as the time was spent singing all the familiar songs, like Wheels on the Bus, We're Going to the Zoo, If You're Happy, Incy Wincy Spider, Down in the Jungle and lots more.

The school excursion was only half a day and the programme was quick and simple. Walk through the zoo to the first tram station, get on the tram and alight at the next station and visit Rainforest Kidzworld, have some snacks/lunch and then take the tram once round the zoo and back to the bus to Evans Road by about 1 pm. We were at liberty to stay on at the zoo on our own but we decided to follow the bus back as Ryan would be needing his nap by then and we would go back to work at the office.

In our short time there, we managed to get a look at some animals - the flamingo, the orangutan, the chimpanzee, the ostrich and the zebra. At Rainforest Kidzworld, Ryan got up close to the horses, the ponies and the little goats.  Ryan missed the giraffe (we were on the tram and he was looking the other way) and we didn't see the elephant/tiger/lion. But we did see the polar bears, Inuka and Sheba! They were magnificent!

Ryan insisted on being carried most of the time except when we reached the water play area at Rainforest Kidzworld. When he saw the water wonderland, his eyes just lit up and he was so excited! He absolutely could not wait for us to change him into his swim diaper - he would have walked straight into the pool fully clothed if we let him. When we finally managed to put his swim diaper on, he ran over to the pool and went "Wah!" with both his hands up in the air. He was so happy!

The other babies didn't participate but I don't think Ryan noticed.  He was playing and splashing about, exploring all the sprays and the play equipment.  After about 30 minutes, we got him out and ate lunch (KFC!) next to the water play area and then everyone sang some action songs. Then it was back on the tram.  We popped into the souvenir shop and Ryan picked out a soft toy as a memento of his wonderful time at the zoo.  He picked a proboscis monkey (he was attracted to the big nose).

Then it was back on the bus and back to the school. In the car on the way home, Ryan fell asleep, no doubt all pooped out.  I'm sure that he had happy dreams of his morning.

Exploring the sprays at the water play area in Rainforest Kidzworld.

Happy as can be!

I asked him to investigate this small fountain, which was beside the water play area.

He stuck his hand in but was not impressed. This is for amateurs!

Off he went back to the pool with the professionals.

The other kids stayed out of the water so Daddy was Ryan's playmate. 
He led Daddy all over the area and showed Daddy all the wonderful stuff.

After a good workout, it was KFC time!

Back at home, all tired out and napping with his colour-coordinated monkey.


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