Friday, June 11, 2010

Trip to Siloso Beach, Sentosa

The trip to Sentosa was quite relaxing and it was a nice end to the programme. We are not signed up for Week 3 so this was the last we'd see of the teachers until Ryan starts PlayClub at Julia Gabriel, hopefully in the coming term.

We got up bright and early so that we could get on the school bus with the teachers and most of the parents. A lot more parents and babies were on the bus compared to the trip to the zoo so it was a good experience. Many people asked us why we didn't drive to Sentosa ourselves since the bus actually passes by our house on the way to Sentosa. Well, we felt that it was important for Ryan to go on the bus so that he could better understand that it was a school excursion instead of a family outing. That way he would understand why the teachers and all the other parents/babies were there, why we sang songs from school in a group, etc. We also felt that the bus ride with the rest of the class would give Ryan a taste of camaraderie and build a sense of social pursuit. The bus trip itself was nothing fantastic but that was never the point.

We took about an hour before we finally arrived at the beach. This is the first time that we've brought Ryan to Sentosa, we are usually at the beach at East Coast Park. Still, Ryan has been to the beach a few times already so he wasn't very excited about playing in the sea and in the sand. He spent a little while in the sea, a longer while playing at the water taps at the wash area and then he was content to just relax and laze around in my lap, enjoying the seabreeze.

Just like last week at the zoo, the outing ended with the whole group singing some songs. The outing was much shorter than the trip to the zoo, but I think it was just nice for Ryan as he fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up till dinnertime. The trip was quite fun but I do think that the trip to the zoo was more enjoyable.

Anyway, some photos.

Here is Ryan walking from the bus to the beach with Richard. He is carrying his backpack filled with beach toys.
Here's Ryan, just coming round the bend and catching sight of the sea.

Here he is with baby Zethan at the water taps (this photo taken by Zethan's mummy, Serene).


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