Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weary weekend

Our weekend was a quiet one, which was good because Richard and I are so so so tired.  Having just got back from a week in Malaysia where we shifted houses, we went straight back to work and there is a lot happening at work these few weeks, lots of meetings and deadlines.  We also went straight into Ryan's Julia Gabriel June holiday programme, which meant rushing around quite a lot in the afternoon.

Richard and I are doing our level best to juggle everything but boy, is it tiring!  You know how people always say that family should take priority over your career? Well, this past week was a perfect example of that. Richard and I both took a lot of liberties at work this week so that Ryan could participate in the holiday programme. Having to miss hours at work is stressful because the work gets piled up and the deadlines keep running and we have to somehow find the time to catch up. We rush our work in the mornings, drive out from the office in the afternoon, go for the programme and then go back to the office again afterwards.  Not funny. But no regrets, I think Ryan enjoyed his first week in the programme, and we'd gladly do it all over again.

Richard's sister and her family of five plus Richard's parents are driving down from Malaysia on Friday night and they will be staying the night at our house.  They are off to Universal Studios at Sentosa on Saturday.  This weekend was supposed to be a 'house cleaning' weekend because the house is in a mess since we have not been doing any chores for more than two weeks now.  Aside from the obvious living/dining area and kitchen/bathrooms, we also have to get ready two guest rooms to make space for everyone.

Well that was the plan but as it turned out, we just didn't have the energy. Quite apart from the fatigue that is already upon us, we can only do chores when Ryan is asleep because otherwise we do want to spend time with him plus he does require quite a bit of close supervision in our house which is devoid of any childproofing. Ryan loves spending time with us too and so he tries to stay up pretty late with us, by which time, all of us are wiped out and ready for bed and all thoughts of cleaning and tidying up fly out the window. Plus I was running a fever on and off (on at night, off in the day), so that pretty much did me in.

So on Saturday, we spent the first part of the day shopping and lunching at Ngee Ann City.  The Leows came over to the house in the afternoon for a short while.  Dinner was a simple affair at Paradise Inn at Funan the Digitalife Mall.

The next day was swimming.  Since I was not at my best, Richard had to get into the pool with Ryan. Good job Daddy!

After that, we met up with the Leows for lunch at PappaRich (this photo taken by Kenny). 

After that, we went home and we were all so tired that we all fell asleep and so we skipped Shichida. In the evening, we took a stroll around the neighbourhood shops.  Went to buy dog food and dinner for ourselves. This was the first time that we took Ryan's little car out of the house and Ryan sat in it the whole time, he simply loved it.

So what's in store this coming week? More work at the office, tighter deadlines, Week 2 of Julia Gabriel June holiday programme, household chores in between, family visit on Friday/Saturday, plus some personal stuff that needs attention. No rest for the weary.


shann said...

i like your "fell asleep and so we skipped shichida" : )

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