We drove up to KL the day before Ryan's birthday and stopped for lunch when we reached the city. Here's Ryan sitting in the HIGH chair at the restaurant. The sides came up to his shoulders! We thought it was a safety feature but the chair is not safe at all. Ryan quickly figured out that there was no restraining strap so he promptly stood up in the chair and we couldn't get him to sit down again.

Ryan loves playing with coins. Here he is, checking out his uncle's stash of spare change.

Eating his birthday cake at his birthday dinner.

The morning after his birthday party

Swimming at the new condo with his cousin, Malcolm. This new condo is in the PJ suburbs where I grew up. Construction has just been completed and we collected our keys on Ryan's birthday (we were joking that it is our birthday present to Ryan, hehehe). Our unit is still empty (it doesn't even have lights). We're discussing renovation and furnishing ideas now. Hopefully we'll be able to move in by April and rent out our present place in the heart of KL.

One of his favourite games - twirling the steering wheel. He was a little nervous about Cookie Monster being so big and so close (and taking up most of the space) so I gave the big blue fella a couple of whacks to show him who's the boss and after that, Ryan was fine.

Catching up on sleep with daddy on Sunday morning.

Brunch at the famous Yut Kee Coffee Shop before the drive home on Sunday. The place was packed and even when we managed to get a table, we had to share it with a young couple.

Drove back just in time for Shichida class - Richard drove straight to the class from the immigration checkpoint. Here's Ryan in class with his homework all completed and ready to hand up. I'm not saying that his daddy did his homework for him, no no, I'm not saying that.


Unknown said...

haha.. "im not saying that" bloody guilty ....

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