Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another day in paradise

Today was another activity-filled Saturday. We attended baby Crystal's 1st birthday celebration in the afternoon which was a lovely outdoor affair at the Icon.

After that, it was tubbing at the Baby Spa in Northpoint. After about 20 minutes of inspecting all the toys and being buoyed about by the jacuzzi spray, Ryan tried to climb out of the tub (while still wearing his waist float) - he grabbed the side of the tub with both hands and started walking his feet up the side - so we took it as a sign that he'd had enough.

Richard then took us to Sembawang Park. It was my first time there and, before today, I did not know that there is a natural beach there with a fantastic view of the Johore Straits. After a short walk about, we had al-fresco dinner at Beaulieu House, a colonial-style building next to the beach. I like the place - it's quiet and peaceful and the beach is not crowded. The weather was excellent - there was a good breeze and the air was light and fresh. Lovely.


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