This evening, I attended the Shichida Parents Home Practice Course. It's primarily meant for parents for children in their first term at Shichida, but some parents of children in subsequent terms do attend the course and are welcome to do so. This is because, as children develop, different exercises can be undertaken and also the same exercises can be done differently, so it's helpful to get guidance for different stages of the child's development. No children are allowed at the course.

The course was quite helpful. Basically, the instructors showed the parents the various exercises and activities that can be done with the child at home (flashcards, memory games, image training, dots programme, etc.) and explained some do's and don't's. The course ended with some sharing by senior Shichida parents and a question-and-answer session.

It is through these courses and sharing sessions with other parents that the parents can find out more about the Shichida Method (the philosophy, the science behind the method, the parents' role, etc.) and how to practise the Method at home. This teaching is not done during the child's weekly class as the focus has to be on the children during the class.

Practicing the exercises at home is essential to bringing out the child's inner abilities. A class once a week is not enough. Of course, the Method is not just about flashcards and memory games which are introduced in the weekly classes. It's also about how the parent talks to the child, how the parent encourages the child and how the parent always focuses on the positive in the child. This philosophy of creating an intimate bond between the parent and the child is the foundation of the Shichida Method.

The flashcards and memory games and other exercises may actually be the easier part of the Method for those parents who otherwise find it difficult to interact with their child. Having said that, it is a great effort to do all the exercises at home, planning the exercises and games, buying and making your own materials, renewing and revamping frequently. It takes a very committed parent to stay the course and I hope that I will be such a parent.


Doofus said...

IMHO you and Richard would have naturally brought out the best in Ryan w/o sichida :)

Pinkie Pirate said...

Thanks babe, you're too kind!

alda said...

Hi, my name is Alda, a new mom in Belgium looking for Shichida/Heguru Parents Home Practice Guidance Course. Im also interested in buying the materials. Any info for the next training in Erope? or maybe I should fly to Singapore? Thx.

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