Friday, January 22, 2010

The Big One

He flaps his hands when he's excited and arches his back when he's mad. He stuffs his finger into his mouth when he's happy. He raises one eyebrow when he's perplexed. He's not sure about balloons but feels pretty happy when he sees himself in the mirror. He stares a lot. When we're sleeping, he hugs me with one arm and one leg and sometimes places a loving foot on his daddy's face. He kicks off his blanket and pulls at his long sleeves. He gives a delighted squeal when I appear after a day at the nanny's. He loves playing with water, whether it's relaxing at the Baby Spa or paddling in the swimming pool, bathing or showering, or even sticking his hand into his cup to try to grab a fistful of his drink. He grabs at the racks of clothes when we go to the shops and won't let go of the hangers. He likes taking long walks in his daddy's arms. He regularly launches into monologues and soliloquys complete with expressions and actions, befitting of an actor on stage. He's getting more fond of his solids, but mummy's milk is still the best. He adores people and toys with faces and tries to engage everyone in conversation. He really likes the dog and the cat although they're a little wary of his grabbing hands. His sleepy face blossoms into an incredible smile when he wakes up from a restful nap. He either swats at me or massages me when he nurses. He dislikes anything on his head - hats, hoodies and beanies are firmly cast off. He knows when the car trip is over and cries if his daddy doesn't come around to the back of the car to get him. He'd rather skip his naps than miss an adventure. He knows how to call me Mama and daddy Papa. His smile gets me everytime. He's turned my world upside down. I have nothing but love love love for him.

And he's one year old already? I must have blinked.


Doofus said...

I think you and Richard have done a wondrous job in the first year!

The Creative Beast said...

Happy First Birthday to super-cute baby Ryan!! Congratulations to the happy parents =-)

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