Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rachel's food adventures

Look at the way her eyes lit up! That's some cherry tomatoes and some rocket on Christmas Day. Next, she had some chicken...

... and carrot slices for snacking.


More carrots and rocket, plus some big tomatoes.

Steamed carrot sticks.

At a Vietnamese restaurant in KL with Terri and Vincent. Enjoying a salad of raw vegetables - bean sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber and water cress.

Sweet potato sticks!

Steamed long beans.

Steamed broccoli!

She's also had some boiled potatoes, cantaloupe, cabbage, lettuce, bread, toast. And yes, we have offered her stuff like rice cereal, Farley's Rusks, plus a jar of mixed vegetable puree. Not much actually goes into her tummy at the moment though, so she is still on a full diet of breast milk. She has been enthusiastic about trying new stuff and is generally quite happy to sit down at the dining table with us and play with her food.


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