Friday, January 18, 2013


Ryan had his head shots updated at his agency this morning and, for the first time, we didn't get a "warning" about his hair being too long. He is at liberty to re-grow his lovely locks now that his portfolio is updated! Well, at least until the next update.

The shoot went very smoothly and the raw shots look great. I will share the photos on the blog when I get them. In the meantime, here's Ryan in the "Today" newspaper today! Thanks to my secretary who spotted him!

We are driving up to Malaysia tomorrow after the children's classes and will stay till Wednesday. We would normally have driven up on Friday night but we have been very sleep-deprived so we decided to get some sleep first and drive up on Saturday afternoon while the children nap in their car seats.

Richard and I have some business to attend to in Malaysia - some paperwork to sign and some errands to run - so it will, hopefully, be a productive trip. In addition, there is Ryan's birthday! Our relatives are eagerly waiting the celebrations - the cake has been ordered and yes, it will have the alphabet on it!

I will still be publishing posts on the blog next week so do pop by!

Little babydoll is sitting up on her own, crawling everywhere and grabbing everything within her reach, including grabbing onto support to heave herself up into a standing position. She is highly inquisitive and extremely interested in her surroundings. She is very fond of Ryan as Ryan is of her and you can sometimes catch the two of them grinning at each other, sharing a private joke. Ryan is not too keen on sharing his playthings with her at the moment though because Rachel doesn't play the way that he expects her to. She messes everything up and everything she gets her hands on will go straight into her mouth. That drives Ryan crazy, especially when she messes up his beloved letters and numbers. Heh heh. That aside, Ryan includes her in everything. It is definitely "Papa, Mama, Ryan and meimei".

Rachel is starting to put on more weight, which is lovely. She is doing very well with all the new and exciting food that we have been giving her, although her main diet is still breastmilk. She is not as soft spoken as Ryan - she loves to shout out a greeting when she sees us! She will also call out loudly to us when she wants attention - that's when she uses a sharp "Hah!"

Finally, I saw her first tooth! It's difficult to spot because firstly, she just won't keep still long enough and second, she is not fond of people poking their fingers into her mouth to open it for a peek! She is having a bit of a runny nose which some mummies tell me is a teething symptom. She is still cheerful and doesn't seem bothered by the teething.

Tomorrow Rachel will be having her third Heguru class at the Eunos centre. At home, we are not doing much of anything. At this stage, I try to talk/sing to her, give her various things to touch/feel/taste, let her exercise as much as she wants to, and give her lots of cuddles and kisses. That's all. We are not even reading (I know that will probably shock some of you).

Anyway, speaking of kisses, Rachel surprised me the other day because she gave me raspberry kisses! (A raspberry kiss is a sloppy kiss where you blow, making a farting sound.) I thought it was accidental, but she kept doing it on my thigh and she had a cheeky smile on her face, so I know it was intentional.

Up till a few days ago, Rachel's nanny let her sit in a bouncer seat when Rachel was awake. With Ryan and another toddler running around in the living room, it was not the safest option to leave Rachel roaming about on the floor, plus her nanny didn't think that the floor was clean enough for a baby (she has much higher standards of cleanliness than I do). Anyway, her nanny observed that Rachel was leaning over the side of the bouncer to reach for toys that she had dropped on the floor so she grew concerned that Rachel would tumble out of her bouncer notwithstanding being strapped in. So her nanny got her a playpen. I would never use a playpen myself, in my own home, but in the circumstances, I was very happy to hear the news. I went out straightaway and bought a mattress for her playpen.

Not surprisingly, Rachel loves it! Compared to being strapped in a bouncer, it must be so liberating for her, plus she is queen of her own little castle. She crawls from corner to corner looking for her toys - her nanny teases her saying she is "digging for gold". She sleeps well when she is in it, turning onto her front which is her favourite sleep position. She even tries to pull herself up to a standing position while shouting "Hah!" at you through the mesh wall. Lots of opportunity to exercise and get those gross motor skills!

Ok, that's all for now. Have a lovely weekend!


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