Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ryan goes to Kidzania

Ryan spent the afternoon of his birthday with his uncle at Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur. As described on its website, "Kidzania Kuala Lumpur is designed to encourage learning through role-playing activities. Featuring over 90 professions working within a real economy, Kidzania allows kids to transcend the boundaries of the grown up world to play their part in a community and also experience the tricks-of-the-trade of their dream careers." "Jobs in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur reproduce scenarios that kids will face during adult life. This provides a way to positively influence how children relate and respond to an environment. Role-playing also gives children an opportunity to make their own decisions & develop a culture of continuous learning & accountability."

Richard and I weren't with Ryan so I can only tell you what happened through my brother's report. Kidzania is laid out like a city with various shops. You can go into any shop and participate in the activities there. Adults are not allowed in the shop so they have to stand around outside and watch and wait for their child. Ryan was too young/too small/too short for some of the activities, but he still managed to spend more than two hours there.

These are some of the activities he participated in.

Upon check-in at the departure lounge at Kidzania airport, Ryan was issued a cheque for some money. The next stop was the bank to cash in his cheque!

Making sushi!


Making milk (he got a bottle of Vitagen when he was done).

Flying a plane!

Arts and crafts.

This is what he made.

Everytime he participates in an activity, he earns money!

Here are some of the photos taken by the staff there.

Ryan had a lot of fun, he was all smiles and excitement when he came out after more than two hours. He will be able to enjoy more of the activities when he is older so we will definitely be back! There are plans for a Kidzania in Singapore (Sentosa) in 2015, so watch out for it!


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