Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Updates on Rachel

Rachel is slightly past 7 months old now. She is as darling and adorable as little girls should be and Richard and I have completely succumbed to her charms.

She is still on a diet of mainly breastmilk. We do try to get in three meals of solids everyday and she has been very easygoing with that - she will sit patiently in her chair and eat or play with her food until everyone is done with their meal. I don't know what her weight and height measurements are but she is definitely porking up, which is a lovely thing to see.

She is always, always on the move, right from the moment she wakes up till she falls asleep. This one has got ants in her pants! She is crawling expertly, even under and over obstacles, and can get to where she wants to be. She has also been pulling herself up into a standing position, which always puts a huge smile on her face. Assisted, she can stand for quite a long time.

Her fine motor skills are excellent. She can pick up and hold an assortment of stuff, transfer from hand to hand, and bring the item to her mouth.

The other day, she showed me that she could solve a simple problem. She was trying to reach for something but something under her arm was preventing her from stretching out. She stopped, sat back and removed the offending item, tossed it aside, stayed focussed and went for the original item again. I was quite impressed.

She is teething. She is on her second tooth at the moment. So far, so good, no issues.

She recognises familiar people now. She is a very "sociable" baby. She likes to be around people and she likes to be a part of whatever we are doing. She hates being left alone.

She is very quick to smile at you, crinkling her nose up in a huge grin. It always takes my breath away. It's so sincere and honest, a no-holds-barred emotion.

Sleep issues - well, there are mostly good nights and there are also some bad nights. I latch her at night, which I know is a bad habit at her age (I'm too lazy to get up to pump). I'm going to try to make an effort not to, but I'm waiting for a period of a few days when I'm not at work, because I know it's going to be a bit of a fight.

Nothing else to add. Babydoll is healthy and happy. She has been a pretty easy baby to care for, very much like Ryan was.


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