Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Sunday

Thank you all so much for your messages/emails on my last post. Yes, I'm looking forward to 2013! Now that I have the mindset of clearing out the old, I'm really looking forward to the new. I'm excited to see what loveliness is going to come into my life now that I've made space for it.

We spent the weekend getting back into our routine of Ryan's classes. Rachel had a class too! I will post separately about that. I will also post separately about each of Ryan's classes so that I have a proper record of what's happening at the moment for him.

Babydoll Rachel is crawling well, with her tummy off the ground. Although she is still a beginner at crawling, she can get to her target pretty quickly, and given that she never seems to keep still, she needs a lot of active supervision.

Teething! Yes, you can't see the teeth yet, but if you put your finger on her gums, you can feel the little hard teeth. We'll see them any day now! She is still very cheerful, so hopefully she will coast through the teething with minimum discomfort. Ryan didn't have any problems with teething so hopefully that toughness runs in the family.

Rachel can recognise people now! She is still amenable to strangers but she does have a preference for me and gets very excited when I fetch her from her nanny in the evenings. Her vocabulary seems to be expanding, hahaha, I can make out different "words" which she repeats off and on. Richard is betting that she is going to be walking and talking very early and I think he's right!

Ryan had a fantastic weekend. His classes went well and he slept well. We were getting a little worried about his food intake because he had a few days of eating very little. He surprised us by walloping two bowls of rice on Friday evening and a similar amount on Saturday evening.

Ryan got his hair cut very short! He is due for his headshots soon so Richard took him to get his hair cut because this agency insists on short hair. I do not understand that at all. Everyone we know is so in love with his curls and says he looks so good with curls ... everyone except the people who are in the business of looking good. Oh well, the curls will grow back in time for Chinese New Year!

Our weekend had a surprise ending. Ryan and I went to the playground in the evening and we bumped into Alicia and her family there! Ryan was overjoyed to see his mate, Brayden! He had been asking for Brayden (and Rou Ern) very often the last few days so it must have been like a wish come true for him. The two boys played together at the playground till the sun went down and then they rode back to our place on their scooters.

It was really nice for Richard and I to spend some time with Chris and Alicia. Having adult company is always good for adults, hahaha! We had dinner (ordered in) and the boys continued playing on. Brayden didn't want to leave at the end of the night and bawled his eyes out. When Chris drove off from our place, it was Ryan's turn to burst into tears. Aww.

Ryan has an audition tomorrow so he won't be going to school. In fact, he hasn't been back to school yet for this year! He's not missing school - he has had lots of fun over the holidays and has had no time at all to be bored!

To pen off, here's another one of Ryan's bedtime stories:

"Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. The three little pigs climbed up the tree. The three little pigs sat on the box. The three little pigs drink the milk. Finished the milk. Ameena's Milk. Dropped the milk into the water. The three little pigs hold the umbrella. It's a rainy day. The three little pigs cleaned the soap and cleaned the towel. One pig took the green soap. One pig took the red soap and the last pig took the orange soap. Then they turned the faucet and finished the water. Rachel's bedtime with me. That's the end of the story. The End."


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