Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Day in KL

A quick post to update on our trip to KL over New Year's Day. We drove up on Friday night and stayed till Tuesday night. I didn't take many photos this time - all the photos here were snapped with my phone or with Margaret's phone.

We met up with Terri and Vincent a few times. It's always a pleasure. Here's Terri with Rachel while we were at Tropicana City Mall. Rachel looks so girly here!

There was mahjong as always and Rachel was intrigued enough to sit with Richard while he slaughtered everyone at the table.

The main purpose of the trip was for Ryan to spend time with his cousins and he really did spend a lot of time with them. We dropped him off everyday at Margaret's house, which Ryan calls "the big house". The family was so pleased with Ryan this trip because he finally deigned to greet everyone - ye ye, ma ma, ku ma, etc. Here he is having lunch with his cousins (without us).

Ryan did spend a lot of time playing on the ipad/computer games/etc with his cousins but those moments are not the photo-worthy ones. Here're some of the more memorable activities - Ryan baked some bread with his cousin, Jerica, helping her to measure out the ingredients and knead the dough.

He also helped Jerica to make some rainbow cookies!

Showing off his rainbow cookies to Richard and me!

While we did spend a lot of time with the family, having most of our meals with them, Richard and I also managed to squeeze in some shopping, mostly clothes for the two littles, and most importantly, we had a good rest. I picked up some antibiotics from the doctor before we left Singapore which, coupled with the good rest over the trip, pulled me back to good health, in time for the new year.


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