Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Almost a model

Ryan's talent agency contacted me today to ask if I have a daughter called Rachel. I replied, yes, and the agency was so surprised because they did not know. Apparently, a production house called Ryan's talent agency and specifically asked for Rachel. They'd spotted Rachel when Ryan went for an audition at their studio (and Rachel tagged along). That was back in October! I'm so surprised that they remembered little Rachel!

Anyway, the production house was casting for a print ad so they asked our talent agency if they could see Rachel. So I fetched her from her nanny and made our way there but, before we could get there, I received the message that the client already selected a model for their shoot tomorrow. What an anti-climax!

Oh well, better luck next time. Rachel wasn't bothered at all. She napped the whole time. I, on the other hand, was quite disappointed because I had skipped my lunch and spent a few hours driving up and down. I think Richard was quite disappointed too (he was trying to make arrangements to join us at the audition). 

So that the whole thing wasn't a total waste of time, here's a photo that I snapped of our little babydoll just before I sent her back to the nanny. Looking at this makes everything all right. Ahh...



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