Friday, April 25, 2014

Some sweetness for the weekend

I'm off to Bali today on work. Richard is going to have to look after our little brood all by himself until I get back on Sunday evening. 

Richard has done this before and survived, so no worries there. However, he has really got his hands full today because there is an activity in Ryan's school today which he has to attend. Each student gets about an hour to do the activity with the parent and other than that, there is no school for the day. Last year, we sent babydoll to her nanny before we attended the activity with Ryan. After we were done at school, we sent Ryan to his nanny, went back to the office and then fetched both kids as usual after work. However, I'm not around today and, to compound matters, the nanny has taken the day off! So Richard is taking the day off as well - he will bring babydoll to school and do the activity with Ryan (while keeping babydoll with him!) and of course spend the rest of the day (and weekend!) with the two littles.

Anyway, here's your weekly sweetness! These shots were taken at the Museum of Contemporary Art a few Sundays ago. Ryan was having his swimming lesson nearby and babydoll and I took a stroll in the surrounding area. Babydoll has been to the museum before with Richard so she was less interested in the exhibits this time and more interested in playing with the things she found on the ground.

Have a good weekend, all. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter get-together

About two weeks back, I brought Ryan for a meetup with some of his friends from school. We gathered at One Amber condo poolside, which is where a couple of his friends live.

This was April 10, close to Easter, so there were the customary Easter-themed activities - decorate your own eggshell and an Easter egg (chocolate) hunt.

There was also an egg-and-spoon race. Ryan did this without any problem at all! He even did it with one hand holding a chocolate that he was eating (from the Easter egg hunt)!

The mummies had their chit-chat while the children spent most of the party in the pool. Most of the time, the kids were not playing in the kids' pool but swimming in the big pool. As I've mentioned before, I'm so glad that Ryan can swim because he can fully enjoy himself with his friends in the water and I don't have to keep fussing over him.

Ryan had a marvellous time and it was quite hard to pull him out of the water when it was time to go!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trip to Port Dickson

This is how we spent our New Year's this year! Yes, I know it's such an outdated post, but better late than never, eh? I just managed to carve out some time to collate the photos - some of these were shot by Ryan's cousins.

We went to Port Dickson with Jimmy, Margaret and family. We were already in KL at the time, so we drove down to Port Dickson on 31 December 2013 and spent a night there before driving back to Singapore on 1 January 2014. Quick and easy trip, kids had good fun with the cousins as usual.

We drove down in separate cars and, although we left at different times from separate locations, we managed to rendezvous at a restaurant for lunch just before reaching the hotel.

We stayed at Thistle Resort & Spa. The kids loved the pool, of course.

Plus the beach!

After a day of swimming in the pool and at the beach, the two littles were tired so we put them down for a nap and they slept through dinner! Luckily they didn't sleep all the way to the next morning or they would have missed the countdown to the New Year!

Here they are, nice and rested, and preparing to go and party!

The countdown was at the hotel's beachside bar and restaurant, where the two littles had fun strutting their moves on the dancefloor with the live band before the countdown began.

Happy 2014...!

Breakfast before leaving.

A good trip, even though it was so short. Ah, every little moment that we can spend with our extended family is precious since we don't get to see them as often as we'd like to, so it was a trip to remember.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updates on Rachel

I've stopped writing weekly updates on Rachel - do you miss those? There is stuff happening of course - babydoll is growing up faster than I like! Most of the developments can be seen in her personality, her character, her motor and language skills ... more of the non-physical stuff. 

Babydoll is a bundle of delight, always fun to be with. She is a ball of energy with only two speed settings - full out and fast asleep.

Speaking of sleeping, she is a very light sleeper. I'm glad that we've managed to wean her off night feeds completely so that she can get a good and proper sleep through the night. She still takes one nap in the day.

Her nanny is getting concerned about two things. First is her hair. Her nanny suggested that we cut it (it has never been cut) because she is concerned that tying up the front portion all the time will result in some hair loss.

Ermm.. I don't think that there's any cause for concern in that aspect.

The second concern that her nanny has is that sometimes babydoll walks with her feet turned inwards (in-toeing). I'm not worried about this at all. Most children do walk with their feet at a bit of an angle and I recall that I walked like that as a child. I sorted myself out as I grew older. In my case, in-toeing was just a habit and not a deformity, so I'm sure that babydoll is the same. After all, she has been walking for less than a year, let's give her some time to practice and get it right. (If you think your child is in-toeing/out-toeing because of a physical condition, and not out of habit, you can consult a doctor on whether to do anything and on what to do).

Ok, that's all. Time for photos! These were shot randomly over the last few months.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Party at DoughWorkz by PastaMania

I blinked and a week passed by. Heh heh. Actually, we've been away on our annual April trip to KL. This time we managed to make it last a week because Richard had some business meetings there around the same time. The two littles thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing with everyone. It was wonderful to see them interacting with their relatives and it was very heartwarming to witness the joy that little ones bring to everyone.

I'll tell you more about the trip another time (I know I've been saying that a lot, hehehe, do bear with me). Today I want to share some photos from a birthday party that Ryan attended last month. One of his classmates celebrated her birthday together with her older sister and they both invited their friends to a pizza-making workshop at DoughWorkz by PastaMania (at Nex Mall).

The staff started by gathering the children in the workshop area. Parents were asked to keep out - they can watch from the outside or they can leave and come back later. After a short presentation on pizza and pasta (history, different types, how it is made, etc), the children each started on making their own pizza. They learned how to knead the dough to make the pizza base and they were given all the toppings to add as they please.

(Just to let you know, DoughWorkz also has pasta making workshops for older children.)

After the children were finished putting their pizzas together, the pizzas went into the oven while the children gathered around the birthday cake for the birthday song. The birthday girls had chosen a Frozen themed cake, and most of the children were pretty excited to see the beautiful cake.

After the cake was cut, the pizzas were ready! Yum yum time, together with cake served with ice cream. A good way to end the party!

A few photos of Ryan at the workshop - enjoy!

Ryan's pizza turned out delicious! He had a good bite himself, and that is a big deal for this picky eater!

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