Thursday, January 17, 2013

Storytime with Ryan

From my previous posts and as my Facebook friends would know, Ryan has been telling me a story every night before we go to bed. We lie in bed and he dictates the story to me while I type it out on Facebook using my phone. He watches the screen as I type on my phone and is quick to point out if I spell something wrong or use the wrong word.

I started this ritual with the intention of giving him more opportunity to use language, to construct sentences, to think sequentially and consequentially, to think creatively, etc. I'm sure you can think of the various benefits. It's basically doing speech and drama at home.

I decided to try a different format to record his stories because I felt that some elements got lost in translation when I simply took down Ryan's dictation. I want to record not only his story but the way he tells his story, with all the cute expressions and actions. So, last night I told him to tell me the story while I filmed him with my phone.

So, this is Storytime with Ryan - Episode 1: "The digger and the man go to the pharmacy". The digger refers to the excavator used in construction. Ryan was looking at a picture of it earlier. Enjoy!


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