Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy 4th birthday Ryan! (Part 2)

My littlest hero turned four years old today. Four years old!

No longer my infant, no longer my toddler. But always my baby, forever my love.

We love you, Ryan. Happy birthday.

Ryan spent the first half of the day at Kidzania with my brother (his uncle) - will write a separate post on that - he had a blast! We had a celebratory dinner with Richard's side of the family plus my brother and after dinner, we adjourned to Margaret's house for cake-cutting.

Isn't the cake gorgeous? Margaret arranged it. It has letters, numbers, stars, flowers and even little equations on it. Ryan fell in love with it instantly and we had a very hard time trying to tear his eyes from it to look at the camera for some photos! Ryan couldn't keep his hands off it - he kept straightening the candles and the letters, and when we cut the cake, he started peeling off all the letters to arrange them in alphabetical order. Thank you so much for the cake, Margaret!



Yay happy birthday Ryan!! Ro is 4 and a half -- they should meet up some time ;)

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