Monday, December 10, 2012

What Ryan Wore

Ryan has earned a little bit of a reputation in violin class for being stylishly dressed and is always getting compliments from his teacher and from his classmates' parents. This was his outfit for class last Saturday.
T-shirt was a gift from someone who bought it from the Singapore Zoo.
Corduroys are from Zara Kids (these are about a year old and due to be retired).
Socks are from Mothercare.
Shoes are from Stride Rite.

I curated this outfit based on how I thought all the elements would work together. Each element of the outfit is enhanced only because of another element - how the colours cooperate, how some elements take a backseat so that other elements stand out more, etc. Sometimes Richard chooses his outfits and sometimes I do, but Ryan does also have strong views about what he wants to wear and he does have veto power, so it's not all about Richard and me. In this case, Ryan approved the clothes and chose the shoes himself, which I thought was the perfect choice.

In other news, Ryan is working today, shooting another advertisement. I think it is going to be shot at the beach! As usual, can't say much because it's all hush-hush and I don't have much details anyway. We are (always) only told what we need to know - when and where to turn up and what to bring, if anything. Crossing our fingers that all goes well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leona,

Just curious, why violin, and not piano lesson for Ryan?
Just want to hear your thoughts, must be interesting!
I know you won't force Ryan to do something he doesn't like to do. So, besides Ryan's preference, what else that made you send him to violin class?


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