Thursday, December 20, 2012


That's Ryan and me this morning. We'd just woken up. Actually, I think I'm still half asleep in this photo.

People still haven't made up their minds whether Ryan looks like me or his daddy. Neither can I, actually. For sure, he gets his curly hair from me, but that's the only thing that's for sure. Everything else is up for discussion. Even when I showed this photo around, people had different opinions about whether he resembles Richard or me. Remember this post? Yeah, I'm always trying to find some resemblance between us because I find it hard to believe that this little cutie has my DNA.

Anyway, today I'm blogging to record something simple but significant that happened two nights ago when I was eating some nuggets for dinner. Ryan asked for one and so I gave him one. He then asked for a nugget for Richard:

Ryan to me: Please can I have Papa nugget?
Me: Yes. (hands him a nugget)
Ryan to Richard: Here you go. (hands Richard the nugget)
Richard: Thank you.
Ryan: You're welcome.

That's a pretty significant conversation to me because Ryan showed that he understands the use of 'please', 'thank you' and even 'you're welcome'. I would even say that his 'Here you go' is a significant step forward in terms interacting and engaging with others. It was not long ago that he was refusing to say 'hello' or any sort of greeting or acknowledgment. Now he rolls off phrases like 'excuse me', 'good night' and 'thanks' without missing a beat (his 'thanks' is 'fanks'). That's mighty good progress, son!


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