Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rachel's visit to the PD

Rachel went to see Dr Ngiam this morning for her 6-month check up and vaccinations. She is 6.83 kg and 64.5 (almost 65) cm. Head circumference is 42 cm. Next vaccinations will be when she is one year old.

Dr Ngiam said to start Rachel on solids - cereal in the mornings for a while then add on porridge for dinner and, by the time she hits seven months old, she should be on three meals a day. I mentioned to him that I hope Rachel is not going to be as picky an eater as Ryan and Dr Ngiam said that it's good to be picky and selective. He said that, in any case, the important thing to note is not how much she eats but whether she gains enough weight. He said that some people eat a lot but don't grow much whereas some people eat very little but still grow well - it's a matter of how the body processes and utilises the food.

I mentioned that Rachel is moving about a lot and learning to crawl and he told us that, yes, at this stage, children need and demand a lot of attention, always moving about and always wanting to be carried. I also told him that she is still dropping some hair and he said that it will continue until she is two years old, although it will be less between one and two years old.

Dr Ngiam also said that, at this time of the year and for her age, we should keep her away from crowds as it is the flu season and it's particularly nasty this year. He advised us to stick to parks and playgrounds rather than crowded places.

So, everything is good and normal. Babydoll is doing well! 


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