Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rachel's first tastes

Hello! How was your Christmas? We had a quiet but somehow quite busy Christmas! I'll update another day. For today, I want to share this video of our babydoll, Rachel, having her first taste of solid food!

We were at Cafe Melba at the Goodman Arts Centre last Saturday for brunch/lunch. I passed her a cooked cherry tomato. She took a lick and then she chomped down on it! It exploded and spilt its juiciness everywhere! There was no stopping her after that. She sucked and slurped up every last drop! She tried some more food after that and, at dinner, her taste adventure continued with gusto. She was 6 months and 4 days that day. Have a look! The video is about 4.5 minutes long.


Music is "Hang on little tomato" by Pink Martini and "That's amore" by Dean Martin.


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