Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shichida term report

This is Ryan's Shichida term report for this term. His sensei's comments are:

"Dear Ryan, you have always shown constant betterment in memory games! You are becoming very responsive this term too! I like!! ;) Besides that, you enjoyed reciting monthly poems and do the actions with great excitement and confidence! You are able to grab new learning concepts like spotting differences between pictures, distinguishing odd one out items, counting numbers from 1 to 100 and do well in literacy activities too! ;)
You are a super child, Ryan! :) Love you! ;)"

This term, the class was introduced to poem recitation (with actions) and Ryan has been enjoying himself doing that. The class does the recitation every four weeks, so they have three poems this term.

Ryan is still being tested on linking memory once a term in Week 10 and he still enjoys it. We have been spending less and less time on linking memory at home now because he only needs a run through the 40 images once or twice before the class and he will be good to go. He doesn't even need the story to help link up the images in sequence. He has asked me many times to go through the remaining 10 images on the sheet but I want to keep him at 40 images. There was once I relented and briefly ran through 41-50 with him not expecting him to remember. He did remember though, and laid out all 50 cards in perfect sequence.

To make it more interesting, I will ask him to close his eyes and visualise the images in his mind. To make sure that he is visualising, I will ask him a question about the image. For example, for a flagpole, I will ask him what colour the flag is. If he can tell me the answer, and he usually can, then I will ask him what the image next to the flagpole is. So sometimes we run through the images this way. It's slower but much more interesting and I feel that it is good visualisation training.

Ryan has one more class for this term and then there will be a one-week break before the new term begins next year. I am looking forward to Ryan going up to the 4 year old class and taking on more challenging stuff. Ryan is at the stage where he can do everything on his own from start to finish. He can understand the instructions/presentation of the activity by the sensei, unpack the materials pack, do the activity, re-pack the materials when he is done, and return the pack to the sensei. As for the activities themselves, they are pretty easy for Ryan, since we are already at the end of a whole year of doing the same stuff. He should be, and I think he is, ready to level up. 


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