Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend update

Last Saturday began with violin class for Ryan. Richard accompanied him at the class while I attended a talk with Rachel. The talk was by the founders of the Heguru method. They are setting up operations in Singapore starting in January 2013. I will write more about this topic in a separate post.

Richard took both Ryan and Rachel for lunch. Lunch for me was a festive spread at Grand Hyatt. It was my company's annual Christmas luncheon. A little subdued this year compared to last year in terms of the entertainment, but the food was the same standard stuff in the sense that all the Christmas staples were present - ham, turkey, log cake, mince pies, etc. There was also my favourite dessert - bread and butter pudding!

In the afternoon, we went to a party hosted by one of Ryan's classmates. Yes, the fun never stops. It was a "tree-trimming" party, although most of the kids were not interested in the tree and the few kids who were interested probably spent two minutes on the tree. They were more happy to be playing with all the toys in the place.

The grown-ups mingled and chatted without being tied to their children and there was a comfortable vibe all around. We were quite a large group and we filled up the space but there was a warm communal feeling. It was a lovely affair.

Ryan started feeling unwell towards the end of the party. He was really good though - he didn't fuss or cry or make any demands. He just climbed into my lap and when I asked him whether he wanted to stay, he just whispered, "I want to go home." So we went home and we let him sleep it off.

Ryan woke up early the next morning but we decided to skip swimming class as well as a children's birthday party at Peek-a-Boo!, which is an indoor playground at Kallang Leisure Park. He was going to be working on Monday so we wanted to give him as much rest as possible. We did go for Shichida class because he had to take his linking memory test. I gave him a quick revision before the class and he did a great job, scoring 40 out of 40. He was cheerful and participative and generally enjoyed the class very much.

As for Rachel, she is hard at work learning to crawl. She is usually rocking back and forth on her hands and knees now, with her torso off the floor, learning how to balance and distribute her body weight. She still leopard crawls and flips her way all over the place and she can get from one spot to another faster than you'd think.

Sometimes, when I put her down on her back to sleep, she will turn over to her side before falling asleep. Sometimes, she will turn over even more and sleep on her front.

It's mid-week already! Time is going by so quickly and I still have tons that I want to get done in the next couple of weeks both at work and outside of work. I'm planning to have a quiet day in the office today to tackle a good part of my to-do list!


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