Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little professional at work

As mentioned in the previous post, Ryan had a film shoot yesterday. He was in two shots - one close-up shot and one wide shot and both were done on the beach in Sentosa under the hot sun.

We arrived at about half-past ten in the morning and Ryan was happy to play on the beach. Unfortunately, he only got to roll after lunch by which time, he had been out in the sun for too long. The heat made him cranky and tired.

They started with the close-up but Ryan was not cooperative so they couldn't get the shot. They gave up and went on to the wide shot. By that time, the clouds started to gather and it began to cool down. Ryan got into a much better mood and delivered the wide shot. After that, I asked the director, Jake, if he still wanted the close-up. He asked me whether I thought Ryan could do it. He thought that Ryan was uncomfortable with the camera being so close. I knew that was not the case because Ryan has done plenty of close camera work before and, knowing that Ryan was feeling better, I said, let's do it. So they set up the close-up again and, sure enough, Ryan rose to the occasion and got the close-up done. In fact, the director said that he had more than enough usable footage. We wrapped the shoot right on time.

So, another good experience and another job well done! Everyone on set was amazing, from the crew (from Veer Motion Graphics) to his co-stars (Ashraff and Teresa). They plodded on patiently and cheerfully and accommodated Ryan in every way. A big thank you to everyone!

Child modelling/acting is an intensive venture for both the parent and the child. The parents are very much involved as they are the ones who know best how to handle the child and how best to get the child to respond. Many times we are actually right next to Ryan just outside the frame. Certainly at today's shoot, Richard and I were right there with Ryan under the hot sun. As a souvenir and a reward, I ended the session with rosy sunkissed cheeks! Look, this is me with no make up after I showered... ahh... if only I could have these cheeks all the time!

Yes, I know you don't want to see photos of me, so here are some of Ryan taken just before bedtime! I asked him to model his T-shirt for me. It's an old one. It has an image of a very irate Batman and it says, "@! I AM BATMAN!! why I can't fly?" (yes, the grammar is completely Singlish).


Anonymous said...

Well done, Ryan...
Look forward to see your new ads.


Terri said...

You look gorgeous, sans makeup too! Ryan is left handed?

Anonymous said...

Ryan goes to shichida full day? Jovann

Pinkie Pirate said...

Jovann, Shichida is once a week, 75 mins. :)

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