Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend update

Durians. Yes, durians. How on earth did durians intrude into our weekend? If you know me, you'll know that I steer clear of durians, heh heh. Well, I made an exception given the very special circumstances last weekend!

Chris and Alicia very kindly invited us and Shann's family over to their place for a playdate and dinner on Saturday, starting with a kick scooter session around the block and ending with a durian feast (the ending was a surprise, haha). No, I didn't eat any durians.

We started the day with a little kick-scooting practice of our own - a little competitive aren't we???

Haha! Actually, we were at the market for breakfast and to pick up some meat and vegetables for our kitchen. Yes, that's Ryan in the queue behind a stranger for the ATM in the last photo (I was queuing behind him).

I spent the rest of the afternoon studying while Richard cooked a soup for our lunch. I tried to put Ryan down for a nap but he steadfastly remained wide awake so we bit the bullet and set off for the playdate just before 5 pm.

The playdate was tons of fun for the children, as always. I do think that, everytime they get together, their friendship strengthens and they play better and easier together. Rachel was happy too. She was awake pretty much the entire time, unlike on the previous occasion we met up. 

I didn't take photos except for this one of Rachel. Chris handled the phototaking and gave us some prints on the spot. Chris and Alicia were wonderful hosts and they have a lovely place. We felt very at ease. The children were entertained non-stop and Alicia even prepared a vegetable-stamping activity for them - which ended up as a paint-the-vegetable activity instead, haha!

We ended the evening close to 11 pm and the moment we got home, I went back to studying. Only got to bed at about 3.30 am but my assignments are done! I can finally focus on Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas - here's our first Christmas tree shot taken at International Plaza after Shichida class on Sunday. Rachel is in the carrier, if you look very closely.

I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon cooking - something soothing and brainless after all that studying - and, in the evening, Ryan and I went to the playground while Richard and Rachel stayed home. Ryan has taken a fancy to climbing lately and it does scare me, although I think I have been able to hide my fear from him.

Here he is on the way home from the playground, looking very happy with his kick scooter and wearing the helmet that Ee Fann and Shann bought for him. Thanks very much for the helmet!


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