Friday, December 14, 2012

The Nasty and the Party

Yesterday, Rachel had to make a trip to the paediatrician. She had a nasty post-flu/cold rash. Apparently quite common and harmless, it will take a few days to dissipate.  I say flu/cold because I'm not sure which! She had a bit of a sniffly nose on Monday but no fever/cough, and we weren't at all thinking that she was ill. She was her usual cheery self. Ryan wasn't feeling too good on Saturday/Sunday - he kicked it after a good sleep. Perhaps it was the same virus, only Rachel's system dealt with it differently?

Anyway, I noticed Rachel's rash when I brought her home from the nanny's on Monday evening. Richard also said that she seemed a little fussy and we were quite clueless why. I checked with the nanny the next day and she suggested it might be a reaction from insect bites. I doubted that was the reason since nobody else in the family had any bites but nevertheless went into action immediately to air out all her bedding. The rash just got worse and I was getting quite despondent so Richard decided we should get her checked out. He brought her to see Dr Ngiam who said it was just a normal post-flu rash which should clear up in a few days. Dr Ngiam prescribed some anti-histamine to relieve any itching but apart from that, there's nothing that can be done. We have to let the thing run its course. The flu bug has gone now and we are over the worst of the rash; we are just waiting for it to clear completely. Dr Ngiam also told us to keep her cool as heat will aggravate the rash.

I was so happy and relieved to know that it is just a harmless rash that will clear soon. I felt so helpless and depressed as I watched the rash spread all over her body and onto her face. Thank God it is nothing serious. I must say that I'm pretty impressed at how strong Rachel's system is - no fever, no cough, just a little (and I mean, very little) sniffly. So much so that nobody even suspected she was sick and at most, she was only sick for a day on Monday. Or was she sick on Sunday? Pretty amazing. Ryan too - he battled the bug over Saturday night and was well enough for Shichida on Sunday and for filming on Monday. Our super babies!  

I'm not going to post photos of the rash here, don't worry! However, I did take some photos for reference so if you suspect your baby has the same thing and would like to verify, you can email me to see the photos!

Richard had to make a trip to the doctor himself on Thursday. He's the last one in the family to succumb to the flu! It got us all! I packed him off to the good doctor for a course of antibiotics and with some rest, he should be good.

On a happier note, today Ryan's class had their end-of-term party! All the parents came bearing food and we had a nice get together. Richard and I brought some food from Old Chang Kee and, as always, we brought too much and had to "tah pau" some.

It was also the last time that we would see the teachers until next year, so some of the parents (including us) chipped in to buy them Christmas gifts - some TWG tea.

Ryan also received a sweet Christmas gift from his teacher, which we found in his cubby!

I spent the rest of the day at home with the two littles. Here's Ryan - back to track-building again! He hasn't been building tracks for a while, preferring his puzzles instead, but it looks like he can still do it! He did this completely on his own.

This is after he finished the outside track. After this, he added some landscape features, like a tunnel and some buildings, but I didn't get a photo of that.

Ok, so this is me signing off, have a good weekend everyone!


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