Thursday, June 14, 2012

Still here

I'm still here. Still pregnant.

I have been trying to squeeze in some zzz's wherever I can because I've been staying up really late with Ryan (and so has Richard), and I'm starting to show the effects of it - coughing and sniffing. Gotta get well for the big push!

For the past week, Ryan has made it to bed at 2 am at the earliest, staying up till 4 am at times. Richard tries to ease the situation for me by taking the midnight shift with Ryan so that I can catch some sleep before he brings Ryan to bed, and I've tried, but I just can't sleep without my boys in bed with me. I toss and turn until they come up to bed, and then I spend some time getting Ryan to sleep, by which time I'm wide awake myself. I end up falling asleep at around 6 am and stumble awake at 8 am to go to work. Ryan catches up on his sleep during the day so he's good. Richard and I, on the other hand - not good, not good. Richard has been having a few early morning meetings lately, so I told him that I would do the midnight shift (I'm not able to sleep anyway). Sigh, if all this is confusing, well, all you need to understand is that there are two zombies in our house right now. Plus one Energiser bunny.

It's all right. Everything is going to turn topsy-turvy in a few days anyway, when I deliver our second child, so we're going to just grin and bear it for now.

Apart from that, we are going about our day as usual. People have generally been quite astonished to hear that I'm going to keep working until I deliver. But why shouldn't I? I feel fine, I have no medical problems and I can still be useful at work. Actually, I deliberately took my time to get through my to-do list at work, leaving a little unfinished business for the next day, everyday. I knew that I would turn up at the office the next day so I didn't want to have nothing to do. I guess I could have finished up everything quickly and gone on leave, but then I would have nothing to do at home.

Will pen more next post. In the meantime, here is a photo taken of Ryan sometime back (in April). It was a weekend afternoon and after doing his Energiser Bunny routine, he just curled up and fell asleep in the living room, like a little kitten. I love these little moments, only little children are so spontaneous and so trusting to simply fall asleep like that.


Anonymous said...

Just curious - why do you let Ryan stay up till the wee hours? I've been reading your blog. Can't find in any post why you choose to let him dictate his sleep hours.

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