Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boy or Girl? Have your say!

All right, let's get this on the record! Do you think Beanie is a bouncy baby boy or a sweet baby girl?

There is no sure way to predict the gender without doing a chromosomal test but there are plenty of old wives' tales that give it a good go! The most popular of all is the tummy shape test, probably because it's the most convenient and everyone can give an opinion without having to perform any tests or ask any questions.

So let me give you a good look at my tummy! The shot above was taken on 1 June, when I was 37 plus weeks along in the pregnancy. Here's a shot from the front on the same day.

This is a shot taken this morning.

You can also see my tummy from all the posts I've put up of my bloom shots. Plus, you can compare my tummy now with my tummy when I was carrying Ryan - click here! It's pretty much the same - most of the weight is carried in front.

In the interests of full disclosure, I did ask my gynae if the tummy shape was an indicator of gender and he said nope, not at all.

Other "clues" (or not, depending on what you are using as your guide):
- I've had no cravings (same as when I was carrying Ryan)
- I've had no weird hormonal swings (same as when I was carrying Ryan)
- I've had no skin problems, no stretch marks (same as when I was carrying Ryan)
- My nose is the same shape and size as when I was not pregnant
- Ryan has girly facial features (which some say means that the baby in the tummy is a girl)
- Ryan still enjoys sticking to me (no change) (some say this means that the baby is of the opposite sex)
- According to the ancient Chinese birth chart, I'm having a boy

Ok, one last "clue" - here's a shot of Beanie's face taken at our last checkup on 29 May 2012, three days before the first two photos above were taken.

I've put up a poll on the blog at the top of the middle column. Do put in your vote - it's anonymous and I won't ask you to put money on it!


Anonymous said...

Leona, the shape does not determine the child's gender. I have my experiences to attest to it.
But I do like to take a vote. I think it's a girl. A sweet little girl will just be perfect for your family.

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