Saturday, June 16, 2012


Our final weekend before baby no. 2 arrives!

Our Saturday was spent fruitfully, buying the last few items we need for the baby, tidying up the baby area, and yes, finally packing my hospital bag. The baby is being very cooperative, waiting patiently in my tummy while we slowly get our act together bit by bit.

Ryan slept very late last night so he was pretty zonked by the time we came home from shopping, which was about 4 pm. Here he is, falling asleep as he is drinking from his water bottle in the car.

However, once we got home and out of the car, he refused to nap. I lay down with him for about an hour but he was itching to get moving. This is him again, when we drove out in the evening - wearing my hat and reading Dr Seuss.

Again, he fell asleep while we were out and woke up when we got home. Again, I lay down with him for about an hour, but he couldn't fall back asleep so we gave up trying. We were quite happy just cuddling on the bed, so it was still all good.


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