Presenting the club T-shirt! 

If you read my earlier post on our Mother's Day celebration, you'd remember that we'd planned to have the children's artpieces printed onto a T-shirt for them to wear. Alicia helped us to compose the three pieces as one panel and we got them printed at a shop in town. Ryan's piece is on the left, Rou Ern's is in the middle and Brayden's is on the right! I think they look really good!

The photos in this post were taken last Saturday when we met up with the other two families at Prego for dinner. As usual, the children had lots and lots of fun playing with each other, which always motivates us to arrange the next meetup! Ryan received lots of amazing home-made home learning materials from Shann and Alicia - can't wait to play with them, they're absolutely gorgeous!

The mandatory group hug!

We had a voucher for a free cake so we used the opportunity to have an early Father's Day celebration! Hip Hip Hooray for the three daddies!

We had three candles on the cake for the three daddies and, as usual, the candle-blowing duty falls on the tiniest shoulders. 

This shot was taken by Richard

Here's Ryan tackling the last candle. Despite the lack of focus in the shot, I just had to include this because of the expression of the two children - both of them are so earnest in trying to extinguish the flame! 

From the mummies: Thank you to the three wonderful daddies who are always willing to look after the children while we sit and chat the night away!! Haha!! On a more serious note - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the best daddies ever! Muacks!


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