Monday, June 11, 2012

Half a weekend

It's the start of a new week! Week 39, that is. Yes, I measure my life in weeks now - two more weeks to my EDD! It's been kinda crazy this week, with birth announcements popping up everywhere. Having visited a good friend in the delivery ward on Thursday, today my nanny told me that her daughter delivered her baby on Saturday - and the baby was only at 35 weeks (not yet full term). Their family was expecting me to pop first, but I'm still here, still pregnant.

In fact, I know that the little one I'm carrying is going to stay inside for a while more. How do I know? Because I said so! I told the baby not to come out till after my gynae gets back from holiday (which is tomorrow), till after Ryan has taken his linking memory test, and till after I've sorted out some work stuff. Haha! I'm kidding. Actually, I know that the little one isn't coming just yet simply because my gynae told me so.

Over the weekend, Ryan reverted to his crazy bedtime hours again - he hit the sack at 4 am on both Friday night and Saturday night. We spent half of our daylight hours sleeping to make up for the nighttime mayhem, so I only have half of the weekend to report on.

We had Penang food for lunch on Saturday. This was at Penang Road Cafe -  assam laksa, fried kway teow, rojak, nasi lemak and bandung. Yum yum yum. Then we hopped over to United Square for a wee bit of shopping - more Lego/duplo for Ryan and some Vtech toys on phonics. Checked out the shops for newborn clothing and was quite disappointed at the selection. Just as we were leaving, we ran into old friends at the mall. They'd just moved back from Sydney - that was a very pleasant surprise!

Ryan fell asleep when we drove out for dinner so Richard and I ended up eating in the car, so that he could sleep undisturbed for a little longer. When Ryan woke from his power nap, we took him out for roti prata (coin prata), which gave him enough energy to stay up till 4 am again!

Sunday was almost a repeat of Saturday. We woke up close to noon, had a bak kut teh lunch, and then it was off to Shichida class. Ryan aced his linking memory test with a perfect score (actually most of the children aced it). After our usual McDonald's sit-in, we managed to pick out some clothes from Tanglin Mall for the baby to wear home from the hospital although I have to say, there really isn't much choice out there for newborn clothing. I'm going to have to do some internet shopping!

Once again, Ryan fell asleep when we drove out for dinner so, once again, Richard and I ate our dinner in the car while he slept on. After Ryan woke, we brought him out for his meal and, although we were aiming for some noodles, he clearly had other ideas. He insisted on going next door to KFC for some french fries, so that was where we ended up.

Although we only had half of a weekend, we did accomplish what we'd intended to get done, so that was good. Now we just have to get our sleeping hours right!

In other news, the poll on the baby's gender is showing BOY at a ratio of 2:1 at the moment! If you haven't voted yet, please do so! Mouse over to the middle column of the blog - the poll is right at the top. It's anonymous and just for fun, so don't be shy!

At Penang Road Cafe on Saturday


Sherlyn said...

Do agree that there is not much selection for newborn clothing other than the usual places like Mothercare. I carry some newborn clothing in my store so do let me know if there is anything you like!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leona,
Try the baby department at Takashimaya.

Pinkie Pirate said...

Thanks dearies, I'll check out your suggestions!

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