Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy times

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A quick post today, just to record some happy events.

On Wednesday, I met up with some lovely forum mummies (Annie, Angeline, Carol and Kelly) at Fullerton Bay Hotel. Actually they were having high tea and, as I was free and nearby, I popped by (ie. gatecrashed). They graciously welcomed me and we chatted for more than an hour. Annie had her lovely 8 week-old daughter with her, and it was just wonderful to have an infant around - a flashback to those shiny new motherhood days!

After work yesterday (7 June), we went to visit good friends in the hospital who had just welcomed a beautiful new addition to their family. I'll leave the happy announcement to the parents, suffice to say that the little one is adorable!

After the visit, we went for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with Ryan's two best friends - Rou Ern and Brayden (and their supervisors of course!). The children had a glorious time downing the food (including ice-cream!) and, after that, just running about, stopping only to hug each other!

Two things about the night stood out for me. First was something that we already know and which was reinforced - that the children enjoy each other's company so much! Watching them play together is always heartwarming. They have certain "rules" when they get together, one of which is that everyone must be doing the same thing. For example, Rou Ern had three My Little Pony figurines with her and she insisted that each child must hold one figurine!

At their age, the three of them are still so innocent and true to their feelings - their expressions go from happy to upset to happy in a matter of seconds. In the end, ultimately, they still look out for each other and insist that everyone stay together. I was particularly touched by the number of times that they tried to hug each other - much more so than before. Perhaps they are beginning to appreciate what friendship means?

The second thing that stood out for me was that I should start serious preparations for the arrival of our baby! I have yet to pack my hospital bag, I haven't yet got a set of clothes for our baby to wear home from the hospital, and we haven't enrolled with the cord blood bank yet! There are probably lots of other little things which my brain can't recall.

My gynae is away on holiday till next week and, before he left, he told me that he was pretty sure I would not deliver before he came back. He did check my cervix, which is still high, which indicates no early delivery. So I've been pretty laidback about getting everything ready.  I've even told myself that there's no need to worry because, apart from packing a camera and some clothes for myself, we can buy anything we need from the hospital or from Guardian Pharmacy (there is a branch in the hospital).

Nevertheless, walking through the corridors of the delivery ward earlier, I did get goosebumps thinking that my turn is coming up very soon and probably when I least expect it! So I think I'd better settle everything this weekend!

Apart from that, we don't have any special plans for the weekend. The usual mode of operation will apply - catch up on sleep, eat good food, go for Ryan's classes, chill out at home.

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend! Remember to cast your vote in the poll!


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