Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little staycation

We spent last weekend having a little staycation at The Fairmont. It was just a one-night event but we had the best time doing ... nothing! Ok, we did do something, just not very much.  Here're some photos to share!

We started things off with a buffet lunch on Saturday at Cafe Swiss, while waiting for our room. 

Our room was splendid! Spacious and comfortable!

After lounging about for a bit, we made our way to the swimming pool, where we spent about an hour splashing about. I could tell Ryan was a little disappointed about leaving (although he didn't fuss), so we spent another hour in the bathtub when we got back to our room!

Dinner with friends at Prego! The children had loads of fun and we had a mini-celebration for Father's Day. The children also debuted their club T-shirt! (see yesterday's post for the details on the dinner.)

We had an early night - everyone was asleep by about 11 pm - and we slept till about 10 am the next day. Then it was Richard's turn with Ryan in the bathtub!

After we checked out, we went to the Legoland fair at Raffles City Shopping Centre, where we picked up some new Duplo for Ryan.

Then it was lunch at "soup broth asia" at the mall's basement. Here's Ryan perusing the map of Legoland while he tucks into his rice.

After that, it was time to say farewell! We went for Ryan's Shichida class and the rest of the day was pretty much the usual Sunday fare.

We had a wonderful relaxing stay - wish we could do it more often!


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