Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bloom Shots - Part 4

Insomnia strikes, so here I am blogging at half-past five in the morning.

Here's the last batch of bloom shots from this session! Actually, there are lots more but I'm not wearing much in those shots so I'll keep them to myself and spare your eyes!

Those of you who are curious as to where we had the session done, this next shot should give it away.

That's the signature shot of The Studio Loft! There are lots more in this segment with this piece of cloth, and another series with netting (another signature shot), but this is the only one I can share on the blog - because it's the only one where I'm leaning back and my bare butt isn't sticking out! As mentioned, there are a couple more segments to the session with a lot less clothing - don't worry, they won't be appearing on this blog!

Our photographer was Maryann Koh, and I think she did a splendid job - thanks Maryann! We had a fun time too!

My makeup and hair was done by my friend, Shann, who is a freelance stylist/make up artist - thanks Shann! If you need her services, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her. She's very good and has even done styling/make up for commercial shoots, plus she's a very nice person. Shann and I did our bloom shots together, one after another and, having just delivered her adorable baby, she's presently on maternity leave. She will be bouncing back into action very soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the shots and I especially love how Ryan is so cheerful in all of them! Hair and makeup -beautiful. You look so radiant!

Rachel Teoh said...

With all these beautiful bloom shots, you making the women out there looking for partner to mate

Pinkie Pirate said...

You guys are too sweet! Thanks so much!

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