Monday, May 28, 2012

Random snippets

Here are some photos taken with my phone over the last few days.

The first two show a sample of what Ryan does at home most of the time - play with his letters and other stuff.

He made up this game where he would stand underneath the basketball hoop to balance the ball on his head... this was half-past one in the morning but, as you can see, he is as energetic and as happy as an Energiser Bunny!

I took a day off on Friday as I had a non-work related appointment in the afternoon. It was a terribly hot day - and I was happy to have an excuse to use my new hat!

I did something really crazy after my appointment - I didn't have my car with me so I walked from Haig Road to Telok Kurau Road (along East Coast Road). My original intention was to hail a cab but somehow I didn't get around to it and just kept walking. Took me about 45 minutes! Granted, I was walking quite slowly, looking at the shops along the way, even popping into one or two, but 45 minutes of walking (while carrying some heavy bags) is no joke for a woman who is 36 weeks pregnant! Not forgetting that I had just done 1.5 hours of physical exercise before that during my appointment (I'll share more on that in a separate post - it's something I'm very excited about!). I survived... but it's not an experience that I will be eager to repeat!

We sorted out all the car seats. We bought a new one for Ryan, which you can see in this photo. His old carseat is now in Richard's car. This new one plus Ryan's old infant carseat are in my car. No space for any other passengers!

We spent Saturday night having dinner at Pasta Brava with a big bunch of rowdy mates from JC (junior college). We had a fabulous time and the gathering lasted till after 11 pm. Ryan was the only child at the dinner, and our friends were amazed that he was "not very demanding" - hahaha! Yes, he was very good and lasted throughout the dinner without any fuss.

We didn't do much on Sunday. We went for Ryan's swimming and Shichida class. Richard had to go into the office after lunch ... and he worked with his team till 9 am the next morning (today) to meet a deadline. Ryan and I hung out at home, and I did appreciate our time together, just my son and me.


han said...

Hi, may I know where did you purchase the alpahbet stamps and the alphabet train set? Thanks!

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