Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day a day early, with a small gathering with friends on Saturday. There was Ee Fann/Shann/Rou Ern's family and Chris/Alicia/Brayden's family, plus our little family. Three families hung out at our home from 5 pm till about 11.30 pm! I'm still amazed at how well everyone mixed and matched to stay happy for more than 6 hours hahaha!

The adults had their adult-time, the mummies had their mummy-time, and the daddies had their daddy-time. The three children (all three year olds) were together all the time! There was also a lot of "everyone together" time because the children's laughter and merry-making usually attracted the adults to gather around them. Everything flowed naturally and freely. It was a relaxed, stress-free, happy and fun event.

Er... not so relaxed that the children fell asleep of course! The photo above was taken when they were pretend-playing at going to sleep and watching the stars above.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here, let me start at the beginning. We started the gathering with a painting session for the children.

It was interesting to see the different approaches that each child took. You can tell which child painted which piece just by looking at the piece. We are hoping to get the finished paintings scanned and printed onto mini T-shirts for the children! It will be their "club" T-shirt!

The mummies exchanged home practice/learning materials plus little gifts for the children. I always feel so blessed to receive such goodies, prepared with so much thought and care.

What would a gathering be without FOOD right? As usual, we had more food than we could finish! The main attraction was the DIY popiah party package from Kway Guan Huat although the men turned their noses up at it, preferring to flex their manliness by devouring the Ramly burger patties which we brought back from Malaysia. So the men were more than happy to take charge of the grill while the ladies were more than happy to take charge of the popiah-wrapping.

We prepared the usual accompaniments for the burger - onion, cheese, tomato and bacon (although the bacon was ignored - I guess it would not be right to put bacon on a Ramly burger?). I made a big boo-boo - I forgot to pick up the buns for the burger!!! Which may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise as otherwise, everyone might not have eaten as much of the other food. The men improvised by wrapping the patty and its accompaniments in the popiah skin! There were other items for the grill - cocktail sausages, luncheon meat, corn, plus pork chops. I made some chicken soup with alphabet pasta for the children, oven-roasted some veggies and made twice-baked potatoes. The pork chops and roasted veggies were a little on the salty side (perhaps because I used sea salt instead of my usual salt, luckily I used my usual salt for the potatoes). Alicia brought a refreshing fruit salad and Shann brought drinks and little jellies for the children.

Of course, there had to be a cake! It had three candles for the three mummies, which were blown out by the three children three times!

Sorry that there aren't more photos to share, especially of the food! I was having too good a time eating and chatting with everyone!

Hope your Mother's Day was fabulous!


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