Monday, May 21, 2012

Butterflies on Saturday

As you may have guessed from yesterday's sneak preview, we visited a butterfly farm on Saturday. This was at Butterfly Lodge at Oh's Farms in Sembawang. We went with two other families - Ee Fann/Shann/Rou Ern and Chris/Alicia/Brayden. Actually Shann and Alicia were intending to use the excursion as a learning platform for Rou Ern and Brayden, and they had made plans to go together. I gatecrashed their outing, knowing that Ryan would love the chance to meet up with his little friends. Lucky for us, they were gracious enough to let us tag along.

Here's Ryan inside the butterfly enclosure. It's much smaller than the one at the Jurong Birdpark, but it was chockful of butterflies, and because of the small size of the enclosure, we got very close to the beautiful creatures.

This is Rou Ern, brave little girl. She is very loving towards all living things.

Brayden closely examining a flower. Ryan has the same T-shirt that he is wearing - it says "MOM ROCKS"!

The entry fee is S$4 per adult, the three children went in for free, and the lodge threw in some free postcards of butterflies. 

Here's Ryan (with Brayden) comparing the butterfly on his postcard with the one on the flower.

After the one on the flower flew away, Ryan tried to see if his postcard butterfly wanted to sit on the flower!

It was around noon and the sun was at its hottest. I don't know if it had any effect on the butterflies, but they were very active, flying left, right and centre, so we got a really good look at them. We could touch them and even "catch" them in our hands.

Here's Ryan sweating it out and Rou Ern with her cheeks all pink from the heat! She's wearing a reversible hat made for her by her grandmother!

In this corner, there were a dozen or so butterflies just hanging about on the ground, maybe trying to cool off? Rou Ern went to catch a few while the boys looked on.

This was set up at one end of the enclosure - I suppose the lodge collects and transfers the pupa here when it's ready to hatch.

Before we left for lunch, Alicia and Shann bought some caterpillar kits. One kit consists of two caterpillars and some leaves (caterpillar food). You feed the caterpillars with the leaves everyday until they pupate and after some time, the beautiful butterflies should emerge!

We had lunch at Beaulieu House in Sembawang Park, where they serve both Chinese and Western food. The weather was still crazy hot - the children took the fathers out to the jetty for some suntanning, while the mothers pretended to be busy inside the cool comfort of the restaurant.

Lunch was topped off with ice-cream! We stayed on so long after our lunch that the kitchen had closed for the afternoon so they could offer only ice-cream to us, which we gratefully accepted. Ryan took two small dollops of the ice-cream before he decided he was happy enough with the wafer.

We didn't expect to stay so long but, by the time we left Beaulieu House, it was 4 pm! What a great outing!


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