Monday, November 25, 2013


The highlight of the weekend was the kids' dance party on Sunday at Velvet Underground - Zoukidisco! Both the littles enjoyed the event tremendously.

Ryan was in his element. He was a little apprehensive at first because of the crowd and the loud music - it was the first time he'd been to a disco after all! He soon warmed up though, especially when "Gangnam Style" came on! We were waiting in line for the photo booth - but when he heard the song come on, he insisted that we get out on the dance floor pronto!

Little babydoll had her fair share of the action. She had a marvellous time. She was completely fearless and stood in the middle of the crowd, curious and interested. I had to stay close to her because she was so tiny. She was at risk of being assaulted by the bigger kids as well as the feet of the toddlers who were being carried in their parents' arms, and the handbags of the mummies who were bouncing around with their kids. All went well, and she was happy. She explored the whole disco - she spent some time at the craft table socialising with the other kids, she went walking around to the bar and over to the sides where she charmed the ushers to cut down one of the balloons on the wall for her.

The turnout was great - the dance floor looked like this!

You can see me squatting down with the two littles in this next shot...

The star of the evening was definitely Ryan. Not only because of his slick dance moves, but also because he was voted Best Dressed!

(Yes, that's me and little Rachel on the right. Rachel is watching the action on stage. I am watching Ryan in action.)

I sewed up Ryan's outfit - both the top and the pants. Richard gave me lots of design input. The top is a modified Oliver+S pattern (the Nature Walk pullover) and the pants are Jacob by Zonen 09, to which I added silver shiny triangles at the sides to give them more bell-bottom flare. Babydoll's silver skirt was also sewn by me, as well as her matching silver hair ties (the same silver fabric as Ryan's bellbottom flares). All sewn up on Saturday - I was sewing until 4.30 in the morning. So tired, but so worth it.

Watch Ryan do his thing in this video! This is a 30 second Youtube video (If you're on a phone, watch it in HQ on Youtube, rather than here on the blog as the resolution is too high for most mobile devices). If you've seen a video of him dancing on Facebook - this is not the same one.

Cool moves, eh? Actually, Richard dances more with his feet so you don't have the full picture as the video only captures the top bit of him. Richard shot the video on our latest toy - a GoPro Hero 3+. Amazing camera. Love it.

We bumped into a couple of friends at the event - people whom I've not seen for ages. The last time we met up was when we were all young and single, and now, all of a sudden, we've all got kids. Thankfully I still remembered their names!

And what would a trip to the disco be without a paparazzi shot of us looking drunk and stoned out? Ah... it was the complete experience.

We had a fabulous time and I hope that they have the event again next year. We will definitely be there! 


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