Thursday, November 14, 2013

Updates on Rachel

Not a day goes by that Richard and I don't tell each other how adorable babydoll is. We are completely smitten by her. She is funny and fearless, girly and tough, sweet and strong - basically the whole rainbow.

Maybe it's easier for people to go "aww..." when they see a little girl, but it's more than that for us. It's THIS little girl that makes us go "aww...". It's her girly giggle and her loud guffaw, her fierce hugs and her cheeky winks. The way she always pulls her socks off, no matter if she's half asleep. The way she offers her fingers and toes to you for kisses. The way she always wants to carry a handbag - even a plastic bag will do. The way she toys with her brother, infuriating him at times and making him laugh at other times. The way she stamps her feet in frustration. The way she plays peekaboo.

If raising a child is humbling, then raising a second child is even more so. If we thought we were experienced parents, then we were wrong. The only thing we learned from our 3.5 years as parents was that we didn't know anything. Babydoll arrived to tell us that we still don't. 

While her brother was patient with us and our ignorance, babydoll takes matters into her own hands and shows us exactly what's what. She's here to teach us things that we thought we didn't need teaching.

I try to get her to sort plastic bears and match them according to colours and sizes, and she walks off. Later, when we go out, she pulls out the shoes from the shoe rack - every time a perfect match, no matter which shoe she chooses - and I feel ridiculous (what made it worse was that it took me weeks to realise this connection).

I try to help her, to fetch things for her, to carry for her. She will have none of it. She wants to carry her own bag. She wants to walk instead of being carried. She wants to feed herself using the utensils. She is so driven to do what she needs to do. We are in perpetual amazement at her efforts and her determination.


Babydoll is growing up fast, showing us her fun personality and making us fall in love with her everyday.


Wendy said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog for quite a while, have been very intrigued in the methods you take and mindset you have towards learning and bringing your kids up! I have to say that babydoll is amazingly cute too (: I saw that you did an ask and answer post hence thought that I would like to get your opinion on this! I'm a stay at home mum and my little girl is 10 months old. I'm thinking of sending her for some class really soon. Have heard of and read up on brain development classes like shichida and heguru, and also on other classes like julia gabriels and bibinoqs which emphasise on language and early learning, and others like montessori education etc. As I am currently undecided, itd be really good if you could share your thoughts on this! And as to why your little ones are attending the former and not the latter. Thank you! Would really appreciate it (:

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