Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project N

Dinner at Por Kee

Last Friday (after our enjoyable outing to the zoo), we went to Suntec City to buy a fridge, a washing machine and a bed. The washing machine was quickly settled because the space we have for it is not very generous so we focused on the small top-loaders, and there weren't that many. The fridge took us much longer due to a miscommunication between Richard and me on the dimensions of the available space in the kitchen - his depth and width were my width and depth.

We bought a bed from Cellini and Richard asked for it to be king-sized. I was surprised because we have a brand-new queen-sized mattress at home (still wrapped in plastic!) which we had decided would come along with us. Well, it's all right, I'm not complaining!

Cellini was promoting their house-brand mattress which is hotel-grade (they apparently supply their mattresses to hotels), so we picked up the king-sized mattress from them too. We tried it out at their outlet, really quite comfy!

Last week we also bought new fittings for the master ensuite to replace the existing ones - a new tap/mixer, a new shower fitting (with rain shower!) and some towel rails/hooks. These will be installed by our contractor.

That's about it. Now we just wait for the renovation to be completed, lights and fixtures to be installed and furniture and electrical appliances to be delivered and we can move in. There are some minor items to buy, like storage shelves for the household shelter, curtains/blinds, wastebins, cleaning equipment, etc. but all that can be done later.

We've set the Big Move for the last weekend of November. This leaves us about two weeks to pack up which is not a lot of time because the only time we have is late at night when Ryan is asleep. So, a very busy couple of weeks ahead but it'll all be worth it in the end.


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