Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deepavali dress-up

For today's Playclub class, we were asked to dress up in Indian traditional costume, which meant Ryan needed a kurta. It's also Daddies' Week and the daddies were asked to dress alike so Richard needed a kurta too. So it was off to Little India for a little bit of shopping and lunch.

It was the day after Deepavali so there were not many people walking around, although road traffic around that area is always congested. We found what we needed at, where else, Mustafa Centre, a mall so famous and popular that it has its own street signage.

While we were there, we also picked up a small umbrella for Ryan - perfect for the upcoming rainy season. Ryan loves the rain so it seems such a pity to keep him indoors when it rains. The next time it rains, we are going out to enjoy the puddles!

Lunch was a yummy affair at Manhill Restaurant after which we had to rush to Playclub. The traffic got the better of us and we were late, but better late than never. Ryan was a little sticky, probably because he was tired and needed his nap but he was well behaved and quietly observant.

For outdoor play, it was sand play but Ryan is not usually interested in sand play (and we were not keen on the time it would take to change him out of the kurta because outdoor play is only ten minutes) so we took him to the playground instead. His adrenaline kicked in and he had a glorious time riding on the cars, playing with the balls and going up and down the slides.


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