Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend report

The weekend was a mix of rest, work and play.

Actually the weekend started on Friday, when Ryan and I met up with Matthias and his parents for a yummy dinner at The Cathay Restaurant. After finishing his dinner, Ryan wandered around outside the restaurant with Matthias. Matthias was watching the "magic show" at the elevators (elevators go up and down and people appear and disappear) but Ryan was more interested in looking down at the fountain at the basement.

Slept in on Saturday and went out for brunch at Clarke Quay. We took Ryan out on his little car and wheeled him up and down Clarke Quay. We ended up eating at Fremantle Seafood Market, next to the water. Ryan couldn't take his eyes off the river!

After that, I had a work meeting in the office so Richard had Ryan all to himself for the afternoon.

We got together with some friends for a laidback dinner at the Firestation Hillside Gastrobar. We could only get a table out on the grass so after making peace with the mosquitoes and ants, we tucked in to pizza, burgers and other western fare. The weather was perfect and the children, including Ryan, enjoyed themselves sitting on the swing and walking/running around the place.

Sunday was the usual - swimming in the morning and Shichida class in the afternoon. In between we had a yummy lunch at Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant at Forum the Shopping Mall. Dinner was at Thai Express at Tiong Bahru Plaza - their waitresses fawn over Ryan every time we patronise their outlet and their Bangkok Chicken Rice is yummy!

We topped off the weekend with, what else, watching the World Cup finals between Spain and the Netherlands. Kenny came over to catch the match, which was memorable not for the action at the goal mouth but for the record number of yellow cards and a kung fu kick on Xabi Alonso. Spain eventually won 1-0.


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