Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's here AGAIN??

Seems like just a blip ago that I was writing about (last) Monday, and now it's Monday again.

Well, the weekend started well enough. After a late Friday night playing mahjong, we had a good sleep-in on Saturday. We woke up and went for lunch at Cedele (at Great World City). We ordered fried brown rice for Ryan and he gave it the thumbs-up. ELC (Early Learning Centre) was having a sale at the atrium so we picked up some items for Ryan there, including a set of 10 farmyard animals. Ryan has been telling me that a cow goes "moo-ooo" and a duck goes "tak tak", so I'm building on the theme.

For dinner, we tried out a new restaurant - The King Louis at Vivocity. Ryan wasn't that excited about eating, although the food was quite good. After that, we went to walk about in the bookstore before calling it a night.

We went for Ryan's swimming class on Sunday morning. Richard and I have been thinking about whether we should continue with his swimming classes after we shift to the east. We've been with the swimming programme since January this year, and after six months, the exercises are still the same, so we were wondering if we should just do the same exercises in our own pool and enrol him again when he's old enough for the next level where there will be new and different exercises. But I see that Ryan is doing really well in class. He is so happy and confident in the water. When Coach Dave launches him into the water (head underwater), he's just delighted and starts kicking his way towards me. Previously he would stop and try to get his head up first. I think I can see the beginnings of a swimmer! I suppose these things take time especially because we're dealing with infants and toddlers. It would be faster to teach a six year-old because a six year-old can listen and understand instructions. But an infant/toddler learns by practice and experience, trial and error, all of which take time. I'm glad we stuck to it, I can see that it has paid off, so I think we'll stick to it a little longer.

Ryan achieved 9 kg a few months ago so it was safe for him to graduate to the front facing car seat. We wanted to retain the ISOFIX base that we were using for the infant seat but the only model that could fit onto it was the Peg Perego Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix, which wasn't out in Singapore yet. Anyway, no hurry, so we placed an order. After waiting a few months, we finally picked it up on Sunday.

Ryan hates the new car seat. I think the main reason is that, where previously he couldn't see me, now he can, and so he cries and cries to get my attention. Perhaps when he couldn't see me, he thought that I was unable to come to him so he settled down. Now that he can see me driving in front, he knows that I can stop and come and get him so he keeps crying for me. It will definitely take him some time to get used to the seat. In the meantime, I'm trying to show more empathy.

Anyway, after picking up the car seat and a short nap, it was time for Shichida class. It's the start of a new term, Ryan's fourth.

Dinner was a spread at Kopi Tiam at Swissotel The Stamford. We had bak kut teh, curry chicken, nasi goreng and pan fried sea bass. We were so full, we staggered home and crawled into bed. Bye bye weekend.


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