Friday, December 26, 2008

Scan at 35 weeks

Gynae visit!

This must be what it feels like when you send your child to boarding school and you only see him once every few weeks. You wonder whether he's doing all right, whether he's put on/lost weight, whether he's developed well, whether he's eating well, whether he looks any different.

Well, today's peek at our baby brought some fantastic news. Firstly, baby is heads down again! Yay! Dr Chan asked me whether baby was heads down and I said I couldn't tell, because my visits to the toilet have not been more frequent and the baby's kicks have been all over the place and not limited to my ribs. Well, the ultrasound scan answered our questions: baby is upside down now, although there are no guarantees that the naughty fellow will stay that way.

Second piece of good news is that baby has reached safe weight - he is 2.520 kg now. Dr Chan estimated that baby will be about 3.2 - 3.3 kg upon delivery.

Dr Chan also asked us if we were going to bank baby's cord blood and he mentioned that we could consider either Cordlife or Stemcord.

Here are the 2D printouts. No 3D/4D scans today because baby's face was too near (you need a certain amount of space/fluid between the baby and the scanner to take a 3D/4D shot).


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