Friday, December 12, 2008

Antenatal classes

We have just finished a Childbirth Education course conducted by Thomson Parentcraft. The course comprises 5 weekly two-hourly lessons (conducted by nurses) and one two-hour session comprising 2 talks by doctors.

Although we were late for 5 out of the 6 sessions (haha!), we did find the course educational and helpful, especially the lessons on baby care and breastfeeding. Here's a summary of the course topics.

Lesson 1
Physical & Mental Preparation, Antenatal Exercise, Nutrition Before & After Delivery, Myths & Traditions, Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort, Back Care & Postures

Lesson 2
Pain Relief , Antenatal Exercise, Physiological Approach to Breathing Relaxation, Changes in Pregnancy Leading to Signs & Symptoms of Labour, Other Alternative Types of Pain Relief in Labour

Lesson 3
Labour, Antenatal Exercise, Physiological Approach to Breathing Relaxation, Learning to Cope in Labour, Mechanisms of Normal Childbirth, Husband’s Role

Lesson 4
Practical Hands-on Baby Care, Hands-on Child Care, General Care, Skin Care, Diaper Care, Bathing, Coping with a Fretting, Crying Baby, Coping with a Sleepy or Wakeful Baby, Coping with Colic

Lesson 5
Feeding, Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Sterilization of Feeding Equipment, Weaning (introducing solid food), Learning to Enhance your Child’s Physical & Mental Development

Lesson 6
(Doctor’s Talk)
Talk 1: Husband’s Role during Childbirth, Problems Associated with a Newborn, The Process of Labour
Talk 2: Living with the In-laws, Post-natal Depression


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