Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend update

It feels like I was just posting a weekend update and here I am posting another one! And yes, I will get to writing about our trip to the farm three (!) weekends ago, I will, I will.

Anyway, this weekend was quite a fun one, although we didn't go anywhere special. A few interesting highlights - first of which was that Ryan got called for another audition on Saturday, his third in a week! This one was for a print ad and he did very well at the audition - he was able to strike different poses, show different expressions and he wasn't camera shy at all. Hoping for good news!

Apart from that, much of our weekend was spent on Ryan's Halloween costume. Have you guessed what it is yet? After finishing the hat (and the feather), I sewed the top and the belt. Then, on Sunday, we went to Vivocity to hunt down a pair of leggings and a toy dagger. I didn't find leggings in the colour I wanted but came across a pair of jeans in the right colour which I happily snapped up. Richard's task was to find the dagger but he had no luck at Toys R' Us or Daiso, so we might have to conjure one up from our craft cupboard. The party is on Thursday so stay tuned to see the whole costume!

Let me give a shout-out here to Marie - Richard told me that he bumped into you at Toys R' Us! Thanks for taking the time to say hello! We should get together for a chat sometime!

In other news, I had a bit of a shock this weekend as I realised that Rachel, my babydoll, has gone past the 0-3 month mark! She is 4 months now, which means that she's not eligible for all those lovely newborn and 0-3 months clothing anymore. Not to mention all those itty bitty sewing patterns I pinned on my Pinterest boards which I meant to sew up for her - too late now! This realisation has caused me to go into sewing superdrive - you shall be seeing a lot more sewing projects from now!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these photos of Ryan taken this morning. We were trying to get him to show us different expressions! He always asks to do "worried face", although I think his "worried face" doesn't look very worried at all! Never mind, all good fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leona,

It was nice to meet Richard and Ryan in person.
Too bad I didn't get to see you and Rachel.
Thanks to Richard and Ryan for giving me a chance to say hello :-)

Ryan seemed a bit shy yesterday, hopefully I didn't scare him with my sudden "oh hi, this is Ryan, right?"

I would definitely love to meet you and your wonderful family in person :-)

Btw, do I get a prize for guessing the costume? Haha...just joking.
If I guess it correctly, it's a Robin Hood costume...


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