Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Little things

Usually, life is about the little things. Here are some of the little things that made up our life last week.

Sewing a circle skirt for my babydoll (love the seersucker fabric!). Very easy and quick to sew, I have plans for more skirts.

Having my son accompany me to the office for half a day on most days for the past two weeks (Ryan was on a break from school). I got very little work done but time flew as we discussed office stationery and supplies. We usually topped off our half-day with lunch at the basement where we would share a bowl of noodles.

Sometimes, after lunch, instead of me going back to work and Ryan going over to his nanny's, we would both take the day off and go home to play! Yippee!

Ryan's latest joy is Play-Doh!

He is starting to make up his own puppet stories, complete with dialogue and giggles.

Last week was a heavy sewing week. Having a cat around doesn't help to speed things up. Not a bad thing - when the cat is sitting on the fabric, I use the chance to get up and stretch and get a drink. Maybe it's God's way of giving me a much needed break from squinting at my patterns and my uneven stitching.

The husband and I refreshed our crowning glories last Saturday. We both needed haircuts badly.

Squeezing in some fun in the sun before the rainy season kicks in.

Here's Ryan on the way to an audition! Ryan has been pretty busy with his "career" lately. In fact, earlier today, I got a request for a second-round audition with him and the casting people were even prepared to go to his nanny's place to see him. They were willing to wait for him to finish his nap and asked me what time they could turn up. I told them to go around 7 pm, which is what they did. Looks like Ryan's already calling the shots!


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